Community FFXI Server

Game Server
16 Days, 7 Hours, 26 Minutes
Search Server
13 Days, 10 Hours, 4 Minutes
Connect Server
3 Days, 7 Hours, 17 Minutes
AH Tool
36 Days, 0 Hours, 25 Minutes

Getting started

  • Obtain the FFXI client
  • Download Ashita or Windower
  • Set server IP to ""

Server Information

  • 75 Cap
  • EXP Rate 5.0 (Family friendly)
  • Robust system for earning salvage items

Auction House Tool

Auction house tool will buy your stock and restock essential items at regular intervals. This economy works well gives gil value.

Automated Server Transfers

You can use our automated transfer tool to transfer your player information to Nightbrood. Given the game's age, we understand you probably have children, full time careers and mortgages to pay so we'd like you to continue playing where you left off without having to start over

Step 1 Create Character

  • Create your FFXI account
  • Create your character

Step 2 Screenshots

Please screenshot the following
  • Job levels
  • Items
  • Missions
  • Gil

Step 3 Transfer Form

  • Complete character info
  • Select items using the tools provided
  • Drag and drop your images

Once the information has been approved, the tool will automatically add the items, jobs and missions to your character

Check your transfer status here

New Players

If you no longer have access to your old account data, you may still start Nightbrood with a 75 job and 37 subjob. Use the new player tool to select your jobs and 10 items.