Community FFXI Server

Game Server
3 Days, 0 Hours, 6 Minutes
Search Server
36 Days, 15 Hours, 31 Minutes
Connect Server
10 Days, 10 Hours, 34 Minutes
AH Tool
60 Days, 11 Hours, 50 Minutes

New Player

You may start Nightbrood with one 75 job and a 37 subjob. If you have access to your character on a previous server, use the tranfser tool instead.
Click here to check automation statuses

Step 1 Input your Character information

Step 2 Input your job levels

As a new player, you can select one 75 and one 37.
*Subjob and any advanced jobs you pick will automatically be unlocked.

Step 3 Select items

You can select up to 10 items maximum. Please click the link to the right to see the item restrictions.